DELIS x INFINITE OCEAN Hawaii Study Group Held

A total of 229 people gathered at THE MAGARIGAWA CLUB on March 1

To celebrate the launch of Infinite Ocean, a “DELIS x INFINITE OCEAN Hawaii Study Group” was held on March 1 at THE MAGARIGAWA CLUB, a members-only driving club in Minamiboso City, Chiba Prefecture. A total of 229 people gathered for a circuit experience, free Hawaii real estate consultation, a social event and dinner, and a special live performance by Sugashicao.


What was included in the exciting Hawaii Research Seminar?

The successful seminar featured a variety of events and was filled with the charms of both Hawaii and automobiles.

Circuit Taxi (professional driver’s passenger seat experience)

GT racer Manabu Nishikido’s driving

Live performance by Sugashikao

Jun Horie LIVE

Hawaiian musician Cynthia LIVE

Greetings from Mr. Aoki, President of DELIS ARCHITECTURE INSTITUTE

Greeting from Mr. Ishii, Mayor of Minami-Boso City

Greeting from Mr. Yamashiro, ANA Facilities

Greetings from Ryan Rei, President of INFINITE OCEAN

Raffle draw also held

Finale with fireworks

The event was also a great success, with a Circuit Safari (a bus ride to experience the circuit) and a video about Hawaii.

INFINITE OCEAN will continue to bring excitement and joy to everyone through various events and information dissemination.